Sunday, November 3, 2013


Every time I write, I resolve that it has been too long and that I need to write more often. But then my life gets in the way. So I just write when I can.
There was a weekend in July when I was going home and I took Allie to stay at a friend's house. I had to take two buses to get there and on the second bus it was a little crowded. I had Allie and my suitcase and Allie's carrier, needlesstosay, I was a bit of a mess. And I went to get off the bus and some man handed me something, I assumed it fell out of my bag or pocket and took it and left. Then I read it. It was a yellow post-it that said: Hi, I'm Jeffrey, Have dinner with me when you return. And then his phone number. I never called. Honestly, I should really pay more attention because I couldn't even tell you what Jeffrey looked like.
I got engaged since my last post!! I was having a pretty stressful week, where things were not going my way. Which never happens because I am the luckiest girl in the world. But for some reason, things were just not working in my favor. And I had planned on taking the first flight out on August 23 but missed my super shuttle driver was 20 minutes late picking me up and then we had to pick up 5 other people and by the time he made it (via side streets) to the airport, I was too late. So I had to wait for a flight at 10 something. Luckily, the guy working at the gate was so nice and calmed me down. Tim picked me up from the airport and I made him run an errand with me. And then we drove to the top of the hill by my parent's house where he had carved T + C into a tree and he was freaking out! I could sense his anxiety and just started talking. I have no idea what I said. But little miss chatty over here wouldn't shut up and I am sure it was not helping. And then when we got to the top of the hill and were walking around I finally just said, "what's wrong with you?" then he pulled out a little ring box and I asked, "whatt're you doing right now?" and since I had essentially spoiled any bit of romance in that moment....he very sweetly asked if I would marry him. And then gave me the prettiest ring I have ever seen. We flew back east and told him whole family! It was great!!
There have been some interesting adventures on the N Judah lately. I had one guy who was very drunk trying to find the Castro (note: the N Judah does not go through the Castro) and he got mad at some dude who apparently gave him bad directions. I told him where to go but that he had to walk up a huge hill and he said, "I don't like hills." Then you're not gonna get to the Castro, buddy.
There was also a guy who came up to me on the bus and said something really quietly and I couldn't hear him so I said so. His response was, "can I have your phone number?" and I told him I was taken and he said, "but you don't really like that guy, do you?" Then I said yes, I do and he yelled, "damn!" and got off the bus at that stop. Super creepy.
My friend Courtney and I went to a bar awhile ago and we were talking with a group of people and one of the guys came over to say bye to his friends. And introduced himself to me and then told me to have a safe passage through life. We also got stopped while walking to that bar by some man in a parking lot. He had his trunk open and was looking for something then saw us and said, "I have something for you. I'm Russian." I'm pretty sure Courtney and I did our best to get away as quickly as one will ever know what he had for us..probably for the best.
Whelp, goodnight.

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